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Best Business Insurance for Photographers in 2024

The Best Business Insurance for Photographers in 2024

If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you need insurance for your real estate photography business (or any photography business for that matter), then check out our article answering the question Is Photography Insurance Necessary. *Spoiler alert, the answer is yes*

If you’ve already come to the correct conclusion that you do need an insurance policy and now you’re deciding on which is best for you, then here is your answer: the best business insurance for photographers is Hiscox Insurance.

Keep reading to see why I think Hiscox is the best business insurance for photographers and learn about some alternatives as well.

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What You Need From Photography Business Insurance

You’ll want 2 types of coverage from your photography insurance: photography liability insurance and photography equipment insurance.

Having photography gear insurance is a no brainer and what most people think of then they hear the term ‘Photography Business Insurance’, but photography liability insurance is just as important.

Photography Liability Insurance

To start, many of my larger clients require me to have photography business insurance because they want me to have photography liability insurance. So, frankly, having photography liability insurance is a requirement.

Regardless of that fact though, there are tons of potential risks and liabilities involved with being a photographer that could result in financial losses and legal issues.

Photography liability insurance can protect against property damage and covers on-site injuries. It’s pretty easy to think of situations in the world of photography where that type of coverage would be a life saver.

Especially as a real estate photographer, the protection against property damage alone makes it worth every dime.

Photography Equipment Insurance

As I stated above, photography gear insurance is a no brainer. As photographers, we have A LOT of money invested in out gear.

As a real estate photographer, I easily have $20k+ worth of gear. I have all of it insured and never worry about worst case scenarios like dropping my main camera and lens and losing them both.

Best Photography Insurance Overall

Hiscox Insurance

In my opinion, Hiscox Insurance is the best business insurance for photographers. It’s also the insurance policy that I personally use. As opposed to other small business insurance companies, Hiscox has entire plans dedicated to the photography profession.

With plans for professional liability, general liability, and business owners insurance all geared towards photography, Hiscox offers a wide range of policies that are sure to provide you with exactly what you need.

Click the button below to receive your Free Quote today and give your business the insurance policy that it deserves.

Best Business Insurance for Photographers: Alternative Options

CoverWallet Insurance

CoverWallet is another good option. I would say they come in a close second for the best business insurance for photographers. Although I’ve never used them as my insurance carrier personally, I narrowed down my search to CoverWallet and Hiscox before ultimately choosing to go with Hiscox.

At the end of the day, the reason I went with Hiscox over CoverWallet was pretty simple; the coverage that I was looking for was slightly cheaper with Hizcox than it was with CoverWallet. That’s it. CoverWallet offers many of the same coverages as Hiscox and even lets you custom design your own plan.

For a professional real estate photographer and the unique situations we find ourselves in, I felt that Hiscox was just slightly better. With that being said, CoverWallet seems to have some excellent coverage options that can be very helpful to photography businesses.

The Hartford Insurance

The Hartford was the first small business insurance plan that I used as coverage for my photography business. When I was first getting started (and before I knew the true value of a good insurance policy) I was looking for the cheapest General Liability coverage I could find, and that was The Hartford.

Overall, I was generally happy with The Hartford as my insurance provider, but felt as though they fell short on things like dedicated customer service and photography specific coverage.

They do offer a photography specific plan, but I simply felt as though Hiscox and CoverWallet offer more, especially when you aren’t just looking to purchase the cheapest policy.

Recommendations on the Best Business Insurance for Photographers

The Best Business Insurance for Photographers can be different depending on your specific field of photography

Although this article was written from my perspective as a professional real estate photographer, I would still say that Hiscox Insurance is the best all around insurance company for someone running a photography business.

It seems like they really understand what it is that professional photographers need out of insurance policies rather than just offering to cover our expensive gear. Sure, we need all of our gear covered and that’s a very important piece of the insurance policy, but that’s also just one aspect of our job.

Working in other peoples houses, in rented out spaces, in public parks and venues… these all come with inherent risks that not all professions need to deal with. It’s comforting to know that you have a policy crafted towards your exact needs.

Additional Resources

If you’re just getting started in real estate photography, check out our Beginners Guide. It’s full of helpful articles and tips that will guide you in the right direction as you begin your real estate photography journey.

You can check out our Gear section as well to see reviews and recommendations on the latest real estate photography gear.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What kind of insurance do I need for my photography business?

Generally, you don’t need insurance, but many companies and possible clients will require you to have limited liability coverage. You should also have insurance to cover the cost of your gear.

How much does insurance cost for a photography busines?

The price of insurance depends on what type of insurance you want and how much gear you want insured. Get a free quote from Hiscox Insurance to see prices.

Do you have to have insurance for a photography business?

You don’t have to have insurance for a photography business, but many companies and possible clients will require you to have limited liability coverage.

Should photographers have liability insurance?

Generally, yes, photographers should have liability insurance. It protects photographers when they are on the job across a wide range of possible situations.

Best Business Insurance for Photographers
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