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Incorporating The Lifestyle Into Waterfront Real Estate Photos

Incorporating The Lifestyle Into Waterfront Real Estate Photos

A major selling point of living on a waterfront is the lifestyle that it affords you. Many homeowners move into waterfront properties for that exact reason, so it’s important for us as real estate photographers to highlight it in the photos.

In this article I’ll discuss incorporating the lifestyle into waterfront real estate photos and share some ideas on how you can do just that.

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Highlighting Proximity to Marinas

For many potential buyers, the proximity of a property to a marina is a significant factor in their decision-making process. If the property is located on a larger body of water, there’s a good chance there is a marina somewhat close by.

Showcasing the marina helps to highlight the lifestyle the property affords, offering easy access to boating, fishing, and other water-related activities.

When a marina is nearby, it’s crucial to capture not just the marina itself but also to creatively show the property’s relation to it. This could involve a series of shots that start from the house and lead to the marina, illustrating the short journey between home and water adventure.

Using a drone to capture aerial shots that include both the property and the marina in the same frame is another great idea. It can provide potential buyers with a clear visual context of their proximity. This can be a powerful selling point for those who dream of having boating as part of their daily lifestyle.

Using a drone can also really help if the marina isn’t that close to the property. Being able to fly further out will help show the property and the marina in the same photo.

The Necessity of Drone Photos

As I just mentioned, drones offer expansive views that ground-level photography simply cannot match. While they are extremely helpful for showing the homes proximity to a marina, there are plenty more reasons that drones are a necessity for waterfront properties.

Drone photos can capture the sweeping vistas of the water, emphasizing the property’s unique placement and the vastness of the views it offers. This aerial perspective is invaluable in conveying the best parts of waterfront living.

For properties with special waterfront amenities like a private dock, water access, or even a small private beach, drone photography can beautifully highlight these features.

An aerial view can also show the ease of access to these amenities from the property, underscoring the lifestyle of convenience and luxury they offer.

Showcasing Waterfront Amenities

Waterfront properties often come with amenities that are central to the lifestyle they offer. Highlighting these amenities is crucial in real estate photography to really show the viewer everything that living on the waterfront offers.

If the property comes with a dock slip or direct water access, make sure these are prominently featured in your photos. Capture the quality and condition of these amenities, showcasing them as gateways to the water lifestyle that awaits.

A private beach is a highly coveted feature. Photograph this area during morning or evening, if possible, to accentuate the tranquility and exclusivity it offers. Include shots that show how the beach is accessed from the property, illustrating the seamless blend of home and nature.

Capturing Boats and Water Activities

Boats on the water or scenes of water activities can bring a lifestyle element to your real estate photos with a sense of action. Living on the waterfront allows residents such easy access to the water that water sports and boating become real possibilities.

When boats are visible on the water, try to capture them from the vantage point of the house. This helps potential buyers imagine the view they could enjoy daily, reinforcing the property’s connection to the water activities that define waterfront living.

If possible, include photos of water activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, or sailing near the property. These images add a dynamic element to your portfolio, showcasing the recreational opportunities that come with the property.

Of course this won’t always be possible, but if you see a kayaker close enough to get a good photo of them within the setting, it can be an excellent addition to the image and listing gallery as a whole.

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