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6 Quick Tips For Running a More Efficient Real Estate Photography Business

  1. Online Ordering — Allowing your clients to place orders online can have a massive impact on your business. First and foremost, the less time you spend answering calls, texts, and emails the better. Instead, fielding orders and confirming scheduling can help streamline your business immensely. Not to mention, products and services are typically more defined and easier to order, increasing the likelihood that a new client may place an order. Online ordering is just one key to a great real estate photography website, check out these tips for more!
  2. Scheduling — Efficient scheduling can make or break a busy real estate photography business. Maintaining a consistent scheduling system will also do wonders for client happiness and retention, as well as avoid shoot miscommunications. Whether you choose to use a simple solution such as Google Calendar, or a more advanced system such as Acuity, carefully mapping out your days will help maximize your time, as well as keep your clients happy by avoiding any date and time confusion.
  3. Get Paid On Time — Having to chase down payments and resend invoices not only puts financial stress on your business, but also creates extremely awkward personal relationships with your clients. This is why requiring payment prior to download is so important. With Aryeo, you can simply set your price for a shoot, and your client will be prompted to pay before the images are available for download. If you do have clients that prefer paying with a check or cash, you can also manually turn image download access on and off on a per shoot basis.
  4. Your Website — A great website can set you apart from your competitors and effectively showcase your great work to potential clients. Implementing elaborate SEO and advertising campaigns may not be necessary, however having a professional online presence is, especially when working in a creative industry. Platforms such as, and all have made this an achievable and affordable goal for every photographers. If you are needing assistance building a new website, Aryeo does offer custom website design and implementation for real estate photographers. You can shoot us an email at for more information!
  5. Sell Add-Ons — Selling add-ons can be the single best way to dramatically increase your revenue, without dramatically increasing your amount of work. Whether it’ products such as Aryeo generated slideshow videos and custom domains or on site services such as twilight shoots or aerials there is an endless number of add-ons that can bring in additional revenue!
  6. Evaluate your pricing EVERY YEAR! — Are you charging enough? One way to examine this is total up all of the hours that you spend working during any given week. This includes scheduling, driving, shooting, editing, collecting payments, etc. Does your total revenue divided by this number of hours reflect a fair hourly wage? If yes, then awesome! If not however, it may be time to consider a price increase, or look in to ways to better streamline your business, such as outsourcing editing, or pushing more add-on purchases.

Implement these 6 tips and you too can run a more efficient real estate photography business. If you would like to learn more about Aryeo, please contact us at


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