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The BEST Real Estate Photography Websites Have These Five Things

  1. Home Page — First impressions are everything, and your homepage is your first impression. The best RE photography websites that we have seen feature larger hero images showcasing some of your past work. Whether it is one large static images, a rotating slideshow, or a gallery effect, as a photography, displaying the results of your talents is essential. In addition to a large picture(s), your homepage should feature the name of your company, your logo, and a site menu at the top for navigation. If you accept online orders, we also recommend that you have an “Order Now” or “Book” button on your homepage (see Key 5).
  2. Gallery/Portfolio — As we mentioned above, the most important aspect of a photographers website is that you showcase your work. You are being hired to take pictures, and thus customers would like to see the pictures you have taken! There are a number of ways to display your portfolio, all depending on the services you offer. If you are strictly a real estate photographer, we recommend you split your gallery into sections based on interiors, exteriors, aerials, twilights, commercial work, etc. If you are just starting out and do not have an extensive portfolio to display, it may be better to organize your gallery by address, and showcase 2–3 full home shoots. If your business includes other photography services such as portraits or weddings, it likely makes the most sense to split your gallery into sections based on your various services.
  3. About (Optional) — Real estate photography is a personal business. Your success often rides not only on the quality of your work but also the relationships you develop with your clients. This is why a personal About page may help in getting new customers. When customers can look and see the face behind the camera, and learn about the history of your business, they may be more inclined to trust you and give you a shot. The About page also serves as a fantastic area to include any statistics such as how long you have been a photographer, how many homes you have shot in your career, and any awards you have won. In addition to introducing yourself on the About page, if you business is made up of other employees and photographers, this is the ideal area to include pictures and bios on all members of your team.
  4. Services Page — This is one of the biggest missing pieces that we see on many photographer’s websites. If you do not have a clear and defined list of services displayed, not only will potential customers not know what services you offer, but you could be losing out on up-selling your current customers on other services. If you do have a services list displayed on your website, be sure that includes ALL of your services. It is all too common that photographers are losing out on additional revenue because they fail to add the new products that they have launched. If you begin offering services such as 3D Tours, floor plans, or aerials be sure to add it to your services list. Lastly, always include your pricing next to your services. Whether you price based on square footage, number of photos, or any other metric, include your pricing in a way that clients can on their own, figure out what a shoot would cost them. Agents will always appreciate not having to contact you just to find out the price.
  5. Online Ordering — Our last key to a great real estate photography website is an online ordering feature. Not only does it make it extremely easy for agents to order your services, but it also relieves the burden of having to answer calls, texts, and emails about orders while you are out shooting. Whether you use a scheduling website such as Acuity, or embed a custom Aryeo order form, it is also important that you include your products and services on the order form, rather than just a simple contact form. Again, this will save time on communication, as well as make your process more efficient due to the fact that all orders coming in are uniform, consistent, and clear.

Follow these 5 Keys and you too can have a GREAT real estate photography website. If you would like to learn more about Aryeo’s real estate photography website development services please contact us at


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