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5 Tips For Photographing High-End Penthouse Interiors

5 Tips For Photographing High-End Penthouse Interiors

High-end penthouses are some of the most enjoyable properties for real estate photographers to photograph. They also are usually quite expensive and the photographs need to be just as high-quality.

In this article I’ll share 5 tips for photographing high-end penthouse interiors and discuss some best practices.

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1. Highlighting Views from Every Room

When you hear the word penthouse, the first thing you think of is views from high up. The views are he most compelling features of a penthouse. Whether it’s a cityscape, oceanside, or mountain range, the view is a significant part of the penthouse’s appeal.

Position yourself in corners or spots within each room that offer the broadest scope of the view. Always pay attention to what is out the window and how it is appearing in frame.

You never want to block the horizon line of an ocean view with a railing, window sill, or any other obstruction. The same can be said for skyline views.

2. Staging Outdoor Spaces

Penthouses often come with enviable outdoor spaces, such as terraces or patios, that act as extensions of the living area. These spaces are pivotal in showcasing the lifestyle the penthouse offers.

Stage outdoor furniture, dining sets, or lounge chairs in a manner that invites relaxation and emphasizes leisurely enjoyment of the panoramic views.

Adding elements like a well-placed coffee cup, a few glasses of wine, reading materials, or vibrant throw pillows can suggest the lifestyle that the penthouse can provide to the viewers.

Capture these outdoor spaces in a way that highlights their usability and size. Show how they can host gatherings, intimate dinners, or serve as private retreats amidst the bustling city or serene landscapes below.

The more you can stage an outdoor space, while incorporating the view, the better the images will look. Check out our Free Home Staging Checklist to for some great staging tips.

3. When Possible, Schedule For Great Weather And Lighting

The ideal images of a penthouse will be captured in perfect weather, showcasing the property in its best light and emphasizing the allure of its views.

Now, this is not always possible. Balancing the busy schedules of both real estate agents and photographers is a difficult task. But, maintaining flexibility in your shooting schedule to accommodate changes in weather can really make a big difference for penthouses.

Aim for a clear day that showcases the penthouse in brilliant natural light, enhancing the interior’s features and the outdoor vistas.

Leverage the golden hours of photography, early morning and late afternoon, to the best of your abilities. The softer light during these times can dramatically enhance the warmth and texture of the penthouse’s interior while providing a flattering backdrop of the city or landscape.

4. Capturing Architectural and Design Elements

While the views undoubtably play a major role, high-end penthouses usually boast unique architectural and design elements that set them apart. These details are not just part of the decor but are integral to the property’s identity and appeal.

In addition to the classic wide-angle shots, take close-up photos of unique architectural details, bespoke furniture, high-end appliances, or art pieces. These images tell the story of luxury and exclusivity, underlining the penthouse’s high value.

Each penthouse has a design story, often curated by renowned architects or interior designers. Highlight this narrative through your photographs, showing potential buyers the thought and craftsmanship behind each space.

5. Showcase the Flow of Spaces

The layout and flow of spaces within a penthouse are usually designed for luxury living. Capturing this flow is essential in conveying how the property functions as a cohesive and inviting home.

Since you can’t really provide too many exterior images, it’s important to tell the full story of the interior. Use wide-angle shots to capture the essence of open-plan living areas, showcasing how spaces interconnect yet retain distinct functions.

Highlight the transitions from living areas to dining spaces, indoor to outdoor, private quarters to entertainment zones, emphasizing the penthouse’s spaciousness and versatility.

Create a visual journey through your photographs that guide viewers from the entrance through the living spaces and into private areas. This narrative approach helps potential buyers envision moving through the penthouse themselves.

Incorporating floor plans or 3D walkthroughs can be another great way to showcasing the flow of the space. Check our our article Best 360 Cameras for Real Estate Photography to see some options to provide these services.

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