What’s New on Aryeo? The Top February 2021 Platform Updates

We hope your January went well! We saw the spring market kick in early for photographers all around the country – it’s going to be a busy spring.

New Video Slideshow Builder (now live)

We’ve been working on our video slideshow builder and have a lot of new video products coming in Aryeo 2.0. To get us started, we’ve launched our new video builder in all accounts. This let you easily turn your pictures into a video slideshow that can be shared on social media and YouTube. We now include both branded and unbranded videos with every purchase! Most photographers sell these for $30 and have found them to be a great add-on product.

Aryeo 2.0 Update #2: Interactive Floorplans

Everyone has asked about interactive floorplans for a long time – and we’re excited to finally be supporting them in the Aryeo 2.0 system! Our builder is going to be one of the most advanced on the market and will be a great way to showcase floorplans and images together. Read about it here: https://www.aryeo.com/post/update-2-interactive-floorplans

Aryeo Calendar – February Photographer

We are excited to kick the month off featuring our photographer from February – Melissa Cacioppo of MC Architectural Photography. You can view all of the months here: https://www.aryeo.com/post/aryeo-2020-calendar


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