2022 Real Estate Photography Industry Recap (Part 2: Pricing)

2022 Real Estate Photography Industry Recap (Part 2: Pricing)

This 2 part series is meant to serve as a large picture look into the real estate photography industry from 2022.

This article, Part 2, will focus on pricing for the non-photography media that real estate photographers produce like 3D tours, floor plans, and videos.

Part 1, which you can read here, discussed the various types of media that real estate photographers produced in 2022 and the overall trends regarding how often the specific types of media were purchased by clients.

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Pricing for Media Companies

The overarching theme from 2022’s PMRE Conference was the idea that real estate photographers are more than simply photographers, we’re actually media companies.

If you weren’t able to attend the PMRE Conference, you can read an article that I put together highlighting the conference including a summary from each of the speakers talks: PMRE Conference 2022 Recap.

Once you get past the idea that real estate photographers only deliver real estate photography for the MLS, you can start to realize that there is so much more we can offer to the real estate industry.

This article will look at pricing for floor plans, 3D tours, and video utilizing data from your fellow real estate photographers and previously written guides to properly pricing services for your specific market.

Now, pricing is a delicate topic that contains tons of variables and isn’t as simple as a “charge this amount for this service” type of equation. It’s also easily one of the most discussed topics amongst real estate photographers.

I’ve written about pricing a number of different times, and would recommend that you check out those articles in addition to this one.

The best way to accurately price your services is to use all resources possible and gain a full understanding of your market.

All of the articles that cover the topic of pricing will be linked to in the ‘Additional Resources’ section of this article, which you can see below.

Now, let’s take a look at how some services were priced in 2022.


Floor Plans

In Part 1, we discussed how Floor Plans are quickly growing in popularity and seem to be continuing on their upward trend.

The most commonly charged price for a floor plan landed between $85 and $110 with the overall average price per floor plan being $128.

Floor plan pricing, much like all pricing for real estate photography services, is dependent on a lot of different factors, including your market, how detailed the floor plan is, and the square footage of the property.

What we can take away from this chart is that if you aren’t pricing your floor plans around at least ~$50, you can and probably should raise your prices.

This pricing chart lines up perfectly with what I personally charge for floor plans and seems to be a great guide overall if you really aren’t sure what you should be charging.

3D Tours

3D tours are another great service that have increased in popularity since Covid entered the scene. It’s not growing as much as or as quickly as floor plans, but it’s consistently requested by real estate agents.

Although the going market rate will no doubt have an affect on how much you can charge for 3D tours, the most influential factor in determining price is the square footage of the home.

The square footage of the home directly decides how much time you will need to spend on site. All other costs (gear purchase price, hosting fees, etc) will be pretty consistent across all markets.

With the most common charge for 3D tours falling between $150 – $300, it shows us that we should really be charging $150 at a minimum.

Taking a look at the average prices offers guidance on how much you should be charging per square foot. Use this data to your advantage and make sure your 3D tour pricing is on par with the rest of the industry.



Video is such a broad media service that it would be extremely difficult to nail down a proper pricing structure. There are a number of factors that influence how much you should be charging for videos.

Here are just a few factors that influence the cost:

  1. Overall quality of the video
  2. Usage rights of the video
  3. Inclusion of audio from real estate agents
  4. Length of the video
  5. Subject of the video

If you’re filming a quick highlight reel with your iPhone, you’re clearly not going to be charging as much as if you were filming an agent guided walkthrough in 4k.

Luckily, we’ve discussed video pricing in other articles to give you a great starting point on how much you should be charging. Check out our Complete Guide to Real Estate Video Pricing for a more detailed look at specific types of videos.

Additional Resources

For classic real estate photography, we have a Real Estate Photography Pricing Calculator that will give you a great starting point.

We also have a few articles that cover the topic of photography pricing:

Easy Guide to Real Estate Photography Pricing

Drone Real Estate Photography Pricing


If you’re just getting started in real estate photography, check out our Beginners Guide. It’s full of helpful articles and tips that will guide you in the right direction as you begin your real estate photography journey.

You can check out our Gear section as well to see reviews and recommendations on the latest real estate photography gear.

If you’re more interested in other resources that can help your real estate photography business, check out our Business Resources page.

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