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4 Tips To Help You Land More Commercial Real Estate Photography Jobs

4 Tips To Help You Land More Commercial Real Estate Photography Jobs

Landing more jobs in the world of commercial real estate photography requires a strategic approach that sets you apart from your competition over time. In this article, I’ll discuss 4 proven tactics to help position yourself for success in this thriving genre of photography.

From portfolio enhancement to targeted networking, I’ll lay out actionable steps that will elevate your presence and boost your chances of securing valuable commercial real estate photography clients.

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What Is Commercial Real Estate Photography?

Simply put, commercial real estate photography is the practice of capturing high quality photographs of commercial properties. These commercial properties can include office buildings, retail spaces, hotels, industrial facilities, or any other real estate that is used for commercial purposes.

Commercial real estate photographs are typically used for marketing purposes to showcase the property and attract potential buyers, tenants, investors, or customers.

The final images will likely include exterior shots of the building that showcase the architecture, landscaping, and surrounding environment, plus interior shots that capture the different areas and amenities within the property.

These interior areas can include lobbies, conference rooms, retail spaces, hotel suites, or public use areas. Additionally, commercial real estate photographers often use techniques like aerial photography or drone shots to provide a comprehensive view of the property and its surroundings.

4 Tips To Help You Land More Commercial Real Estate Photography Jobs

Create A New Portfolio

The first thing you should do is create a separate portfolio showcasing your best commercial real estate photography work. Highlight projects that demonstrate your ability to capture large spaces, unique architecture, and functional design elements relevant to commercial properties.

If you don’t have any images that you think can be used in a commercial real estate photography portfolio, you can visit properties like hotels or museums to capture some high quality exterior photos.

Network with Industry Professionals

Much like residential real estate photography, it’s very helpful if you know a handful of people in the commercial real estate photography industry.

Attend networking events, conferences, and seminars related to commercial real estate. Build relationships with real estate agents, property managers, architects, and developers who can refer you to commercial clients in need of photography services.

Market Yourself Properly

If your marketing has been geared towards residential real estate photography in the past, you’ll need to reconfigure your current marketing strategies to include commercial real estate photography as well.

Update your website and online profiles to highlight your specialization in commercial real estate photography. If your marketing plan has worked for you in the past, just make some adjustments to better include the commercial aspect.

Choose A Niche

Choosing a specific niche within the commercial real estate photography industry can really help to land you jobs quickly since possible clients will consider you to be an expert sooner.

Focus on specific commercial sectors, such as retail, hospitality, or office spaces. Tailor your marketing efforts and portfolio to align with the needs and aesthetics of these industries. Eventually, that specific niche of clients will take notice.

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