3 Great Examples of Real Estate Photography Landing Pages

3 Great Examples of Real Estate Photography Landing Pages

A strong online presence isn’t just an added bonus in digital marketing anymore, it’s a necessity. This can be especially true for real estate photographers looking to expand their client list.

Among the various tools and strategies at a photographer’s disposal, a great landing page can be a simple and extremely effective way to gain more exposure. In this article I’ll share 3 great examples of real estate photography landing pages for some inspiration.

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What is a Landing Page?

At its core, a landing page is a dedicated webpage designed with a specific purpose in mind. Unlike a typical webpage that offers various menus and topics for exploration, a landing page guides visitors towards one action. In our case, that’s real estate photography services.

  • Focused Content: Whether it’s announcing a special offer, promoting a new service, or gathering potential client details, landing pages cut through the noise. They present a clear and concise message without the distractions of other website elements.
  • Purpose Driven Design: With strategic placement of images, calls to action, and well written text, landing pages are crafted to convert. For real estate photographers, this might mean getting visitors to book a session, sign up for a newsletter, or view a curated portfolio.
For real estate photography purposes, a great landing page would serve as a place for clients to organically find you online and be able to quickly reach out or even schedule a shoot with you.

Examples of Real Estate Photography Landing Pages

Here are 3 great examples of real estate photography landing pages:

Example 1

This real estate photography landing page is from a company that offers Real Estate Photography in Buffalo NY. It offers a really nice visual appeal and two clear options for the visitor to choose from.

They can either view a portfolio or schedule a shoot. When you dive a bit deeper, the portfolio option actually has a way to schedule a shoot as well. This means that no matter what the viewer chooses once they are on the landing page, they are only one click away from scheduling a shoot.

The viewer is never overloaded with information and the next step in the process is always evident. The page seems well optimized for local SEO as well, making this a simple yet great example of a real estate photography landing page.

Example 2

This example is from Austin 360 Photography out of Austin, Texas. This landing page, which you can see by clicking here, is similar to the above mentioned landing page since you immediately see two choices, one for scheduling a shoot and one for viewing prices.

Where Austin 360 Photography expanded on their landing page was in the use of customer testimonials. They provide clear, real life evidence that they are worthy of you hiring them, making this landing page an excellent example of how to land clients and show social proof.

Example 3

This third example is Open Homes Photography out of San Francisco. Their landing page, which you can check out by clicking here, opens with beautiful visuals in the form of a video highlighting the Bay Area.

Although this landing page is a bit busier than the pervious two on this list, it’s not overkill and gives you a clear path to making a decision. You’re given various options in terms of real estate photography services and are only one click away from requesting a quote or scheduling a shoot.

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